Get to know iTD

1) What is iTD?

You can get to know more about iTD via this video link

2) Is iTD something I can use for my Dealership?

Anyone who test drives vehicles and wishes to convert to a digital means of capturing and reporting the Test Drives, can subscribe to iTD

3) How many Licences do I need?

iTD is a self-managed Licence service, where you will be billed for the licences you have utilized at the end of the month

4) Will everyone at the dealership use 1 iTD User Login?

No, you will need to purchase a minimum of 3 Licences and more if you require. A DP dealer principal account is created by default. You also have the option of Manager Department or Sales/ Service User accounts. For a few examples Click here (POPUP chart)

5) How do I subscribe?

Click on SIGNUP and we will take you through the process. Upon successfully completing the SignUp, you will get a series of emails to introduce you to the iTD Services, and also get access to your Web Portal, where you can setup your own Users.

6) I have signed Up. The emails are here! This is too confusing, and I need Help

We are able to help you via our chat services. Please CLICK HERE

New to iTD

7) What do I need to use iTD?

You will need to have an active iTD User subscription You will need to use iTD as an App or via an Web browser application

8) Do how do I install the iTD App?

For iPhone/ iPad installs – appstore link For Android installs – googlestore link

9) Is there a separate iTD App for the iPad?

No, the App is the same and is merely provided with a 2x option, to expand it to the iPad screen size Some dealer prefer to use iPads for their use of iTD App

10) Do I need to install the App to be able to use the Web Portal?

No, you can use the Web Portal as long as you have a iTD User subscription

11) Can I use iTD on another person’s device?

As long as you have an active iTD User subscription, you can use any of the iTD services

Installed iTD. What Now?

12) What’s my username & Password?

You will get your Username and Password emailed to you as part of your initiation registration

13) I forgot my password?

You can use the reset password option, on the Login page of the app, to reset your password

14) Can I change my password to something simpler?

Yes, you can. You will need to login to the App or Web Portal using the new password and then you can rest your password

15) Do I need internet access for the iTD services?

Yes, all the data you are accessing is maintained in a secure cloud platform, in Australia, and this requires access via the Internet. Any of the WiFi, 3G, 4G, LAN at the Office services will all work.

16) Is my Data Secure?

All the data to iTD cloud and back to you is sent using industry standards

iTD Day to Day Use

17) I still don’t know how to use the iTD App and Web Portal.

Everything new has its challenges, and we have created a WALK THROUGH VIDEO for you If you still need help, and wish to access the iTD User Guide CLICK HERE If you wish to chat with a CSR CLICK HERE

18) Do I need to log off everyday?

No, the App is designed to log you off after 10 hours of the login, which will typically cover a business day with some flexibility for end of the day use too. This was to ensure that iTD does not use battery nor is it available for anyone who may use your phone after hours Please note, that if you reboot your device, you may need to login again

iTD Web Portal

19) What does the web post do, that the app does not?

The web portal permits more administrative tasks, plus everything that you can do with your app, it will not however take photographs like your device

20) What are the significant features of iTD?

Upload Vehicles (Stock) in Batches View your Vehicles (Stock) View more Reports Edit your Dealership profile (Details, Address, Terms & Conditions, etc…)

21) Do I need to Use the Web Portal?

After the initial setup, you do not have to use the web portal, if your App suffices for your needs

iTD. Need an App Geek Now!

22) Do I need to Update the iTD App?

You will get an email alert to notify you when we have updates for you

23) Do I get to suggest new features?

Yes, you can email us via the Suggest New features on our Contact Us Page

24) My app keeps crashing, and I cannot seem to use it.

Please reboot your device and check if you are able to access the internet via your browser. If we are experiencing any technical difficulties, you will see a status update on our website

iTD Billings

25) When & How do I pay my Bill?

Your Bills will be due on the same day as your subscription to iTD Your Billings Statement will be emailed to you with a login into iTD Client Billing Portal Our Billings systems requires automated billings, and therefore your Credit Card will be billed on the due date

26) What happens if my Credit Card payment is not successful?

You will be emailed an alert, to enable you to update your credit card details, with our billings Partner

27) How long do I have till my account is suspended for non Payment?

You have 48 hours before your account is suspended and your access to iTD services are no longer available (via the App & Web Portal)

28) What if I made a genuine mistake and wish to pay my Bill after its been suspended?

You can work with our billings partner to process the payments due, and then call us with a confirmation. Once you contact us, we will provide your Dealership with a 1 Day Activation. As our Billings systems synchronize after close of business, this will ensure that you can continue to use iTD while our systems sort themselves out